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Founded at the early of 2009, Suzhou Huaihai Biological Technology Co., Ltd.(Anhui Suzhou Jinli Aromatic Chemicals Co., Ltd.) is one of large-scale manufacturing enterprises of China for Heterocyclic aromatic chemicals, with a registered capital of CNY 5 million, a fixed asset of CNY 50 million and 133,340sqm of lands.  Located in Zhuxianzhuang Industrial Park of Suzhou city, Jinli now is receiving a high reputation in this industry for leading technicians, complete manufacturing methods, advanced inspection and controlling equipments.

At present, we mainly produce more than 200 kinds of aromatic chemicals, including Pyrazine series, Thiazole series, Thiophene series, Furan series, pyridine series, Sulfide series (over 30 kinds) and so on. Jinli has become a leader in the sulfide aromatic chemical industry of China in terms of manufacturing method...

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